David H. Rates Earnhardt Chandler Cadillac 5 Stars

Location: Earnhardt Chandler Cadillac
Department: Service
Rating : 5 Star Rating 5.0

I just wanted to say that I have been extremely pleased with the service team at Chandler Cadillac. I previously owned a 2011 STS which they serviced until I recently traded it in on a gently used 2016 CTS from Arrowhead Cadillac. Even though the CTS was certified and everything should have been checked out by Arrowhead, I noticed shortly after I purchased it that one of the stereo speakers was not working, one of the tires was losing air, and there were areas where the finish was coming off around the CUE trim. I took the car to Earnhardt Chandler and they fixed everything, including removing a nail from one of the tires and patching it. They provided me with a very nice loaner car (a CT6) and made all the repairs in one day. I could not be more pleased with the service team at Earnhardt Chandler Cadillac. Keep up the great job!

David H.