Jeff L. Rates Earnhardt Ford 5 Stars

Location: Earnhardt Ford
Department: Service
Rating : 5 Star Rating 5.0

We purchased my wife’s 2012 Focus at Earnhardt in the far East valley, and we live in the far West valley. We have the lifetime window tint (a $700 option), that needs attention, and I was hoping that we could get our window tint warranty honored at an Earnhardt location closer to our home? Is that feasible?

Jeff L

Jeremy K. Rates Earnhardt Ford 5 Stars

Location: Earnhardt Ford
Department: Sales
Rating : 5 Star Rating 5.0

The absolute best car buying experience I’ve ever had. I walked onto the lot, totally cold – Roger Cary came up to me and listened to my needs, I was about to leave and buy a used car at a competing dealership and they worked out a deal with me to get a Brand New 2017 Mustang GT for the same price as used. Circle back around for a bit, 2 days later before the sale had totally finalized, I realized I wanted the Performance Package – the sales team with Joe and Michael worked it out to where they brought in the exact same car with the performance pack from another dealer for me and got me exactly what I wanted! They didn’t have to let me do that, but it happened, and I couldn’t be happier! They all went above and beyond and I’m so grateful to the Earnhardt brand and family and will tell everyone to buy from Earnhardt before anyone else! Thanks Roger, Joe, Michael, Ryan and the whole team at Earnhardt Ford! (Oh yeah and they didnt give me anything to say this, I just really want to make sure people know how amazing these guys are).

Jeremy K.

Customers Always Come Back to Laurie McClellan at Earnhardt Ford

Allen Ford and his F-150
Dealership: Earnhardt Ford – Chandler, AZ
Sales Representative: Laurie McClellan

I had a wonderful experience purchasing my second Ford truck from Laurie McClellan. On August 3 I traded the 2010 Ranger that I bought from her 2 years ago for a brand new F-150. The buying process was smooth and had no surprises and as always Laurie was a pleasure to work with. She has always been there for me from the initial purchase of the Ranger. Whenever I would bring it in for routine service she would always find me and make sure I am happy. Her customer service has continued on with the new F-150, she did everything she could to meet my requirements for buying the truck. Once the deal was done she has followed up and assisted me whenever I have had questions regarding functionality, and found answers for me if she didn’t have them.

I have been real happy with the service I have received at Earnhardt Ford and from Laurie.

Thank you for all that you have done for me.
Allen Ford

Earnhardt Ford Customer Survey – John F.

Dealership: Earnhardt Ford

What do you like most about Earnhardt Ford?
Friendly, courteous, kind, and attentive to my needs as a customer. First, I’m not the most educated consumer in the world, and I ask questions that probably seemed ignorant, but all my questions were answered on all my questions. As I roamed around the dealership, I was thankful for the accessible nature of your dealership, and got the chance to share those thoughts with Mr. Earnhardt. Thanks for making my stay in your world peaceful. ASU Retiree and graduate.

What do you think Earnhardt Ford needs to improve upon most?
I didn’t have my computer with me. It would have been nice to have a loaner to not be in sensory deprivation, but your staff were wonderful.

Honest, Friendly Service Makes Lasting Impression at Earnhardt Ford

Dealership: Earnhardt Ford
Department: Sales
Salesperson: Patrick Storey

We actually went into the dealership to see if we had won the giveaway they were promoting on a Mustang! We did not, of course, but while we were there, I decided to “just” look at the new 2012 vehicles they had to offer, as I wanted to get back into a Ford at some point. Patrick Storey was our sales rep, and he was outstanding in trying to meet my needs and yet give me the price on a new vehicle that I wanted.

Not only did he make us feel like family, but when they could not meet the price I needed with my trade, he went out and found me a vehicle that met every thing we wanted in the same model! We drove off that day with a new 2012 Ford Edge!! There was no hard sale or pressure of any kind, and that made me happy as I could have stayed in my old car a few more years. I would have walked out had there been any type of pressure to sell me a vehicle. I don’t do that!!

There is a strong point to be noted about Patrick. I had lost a valuable and sentimental piece of jewelery that day at the dealership, and he went out of his way to peraonally call me to say they had found it a day later! The folks at Earnhardt Ford are honest and respectful, and I have refered many people to them over the years. However, with this one experience, they have me as a returning customer now for the past 5 years and will for the rest of my car buying years to come. Thank you, Patrick and the folks at Earnhardt Ford!! I LOVE my FORD EDGE!!!

DO NOT CHANGE!! The no pressure and friendly way you treat your customers speaks for itself!!

-Kim R.

“Roxy” the 2012 Ford Mustang Delights Quickbooks Expert

Dealership: Earnhardt Ford
Department: Sales
Sales Representative: Ron Dyer

Judy & Roxy the 2012 Ford MustangThe following letter comes from Judy Krause, bookkeeping expert and proud new owner of a 2012 Ford Mustang GT which she named “Roxy”. It was an absolute pleasure working with you, Judy. We hope you and Roxy have thousands of miles of fun together!

Hi Ron,

Well today was absolute joy driving my new Mustang. I’m still about 2 ft off the ground not sure when I’ll be back on earth. Never owned anything even close to this fabulous.

Thank you for all your wonderful help in getting me the car of my dreams.

Judy A. Krause
J.M.R.K. Enterprises, LLC
Bookkeeping Services

The Fords’ Green Ford Fiesta

Dealership: Earnhardt Ford – Chandler, AZ
Salesperson: Ron Dyer

For some, a vehicle is just a way to get around, but for others, it’s an expression of who the driver is. Pam and Bill Ford’s Green Ford Fiesta definitely represents them: feisty, fun, and unique. We really enjoyed working with them, and based on the amount of happy faces in their letter below, they had a great experience here at Earnhardt Ford!


Hi! It is Pam & Bill Ford… Enjoy our pics of our Awesome 2012 Ford Fiesta… Love it so much. Having a blast driving around.. WOO HOO—I even got green buckets for the back hatch that match really well & Got my toe nails painted green in honor of my car!!! Have to match everything with Green now. Ha ha! Bill said he got to see you the other day & I got your E-mail off the Business card he gave me & Thought I would shoot you off these pictures… I also Liked — Earnhardt Ford on Facebook… 🙂

Take Care & Look forward to seeing you sometime soon. Thanks again for making our Car Buying Experience the Best Ever & you are one Fabulous salesman & person & John is also.. We sure had fun with you two… Hi, to him also.. Take Care.

Pam & Bill Ford 🙂 THINK GREEN…. 🙂